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Idyll Minds has been on the Rhode Island music scene for over eight years.   We've played most clubs in RI and nearby MA to great reviews.   One of the things we consistently heard was that it was too bad we weren't a little smaller to fit into some clubs that we can't fit into today.  So Dave and the Angells was born to be Idyll Minds lite... or more Idyll Minds with less people.  You'll hear all your Idyll Minds favorites and some new stuff we'll have some fun with.   

Hope to see you at a club soon!

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Dave's a founding member of Idyll Minds and one of the most talented front men in Rhode Island.

Funny... entertaining... able to sing just about anything you throw at him... he's out to make sure you have a good time.

And with Dave and the Angells, you get more opportunity to get out and enjoy his remarkable talent.





Jude's been the Front Of House sound engineer for Idyll Minds since the beginning.    She is the reason the band always sounds good.    She's always added some guitar and keyboard parts from the soundboard, and also sings a few songs every night to let people see her many talents.

In Dave and the Angells, Jude gets to share the stage and let everyone know just how talented she is.  

Next Gig:

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Philip's also a founding member of Idyll Minds.   He decided one day that it would be fun to be in a band again, after about 25 years, and called a few talented friends and told them his plan.  Surprisingly, they said yes and the rest is Idyll Minds history.

A bass player who plays guitar in Idyll Minds, Philip will be doing a little of both in Dave and The Angells, while adding some vocals and making it all work.  


2020 Promo Video
Recorded live at Dan's Place... no editing... you get it all!   Excuse the guy singing near the camera mic... it isn't us!
Lonely Boy
Black Horse and a Cherry Tree
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